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Airtable to Wix Database Integration

Discover the power of combining Wix and Airtable APIs to elevate your website's data presentation. This brief overview explores how seamlessly integrating these APIs allows for a dynamic and captivating showcase of your content.
Leverage Airtable's flexibility to organize and manage data efficiently and integrate Wix seamlessly with Airtable using APIs for a cohesive user experience.

This example below shows you the capability of syncing data available on Airtable with your Wix frontend.

This allows for the benefits of real-time data updates and how this integration streamlines content management on Wix, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Steps to follow:

  1. Click on the airtable sheets file link. (sign-in/sign-up required)

  2. Edit the changes you want to see on Wix

  3. Click on the button to Sync the details from Airtable to Wix

  4. ONLY 1 RULE to follow - Please don't mess with the details in the Airtable headers for this example. Keep it as is to let the magic happen smoothly. Thanks!

Sync & Update Wix Table
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Repeater Table with all the database content

First name
Last Name
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