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How to search your wix database with multiple filters 

Searching a Wix database with multiple filters can be a powerful way to retrieve specific data. With Wix's built-in filtering and querying capabilities, users can perform complex searches that return precise results. Users can apply filters to multiple fields in the database and use logical operators such as AND, OR, and NOT to combine them.

By specifying the desired criteria, users can effectively narrow down their search results to a specific subset of data, making it easier to locate the information they need. Wix's robust filtering options allow users to perform advanced searches with multiple parameters, making it a powerful tool for managing data.

This example is to show you how to search for your wix database using multiple filters

For this, we have chosen vehicles of a certain brand, with the engine power being a number type and multiple selection tags to showcase what type of vehicle it is.

If you start to click on the options below, you will find the data in repeater changes as per the options chosen. All options being searched are unique in nature (eg: BMW brand has both bikes and cars, but not scooters) Go ahead. Try it. And let me know if it works for you. 

Contact me if you want something similar

Type of Vehicle
Data is filtered!
Data is refreshed!
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