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How to capture GEO IP of user to showcase elements

When a user browses your page, capture their GEO IP details to find out where they're coming from, and also make any particular changes you want.

For an example, below are the GEO IP details from where you are browsing as a user:

Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6

In this example. for simplicity, if you are browsing from the USA, the details should show as above, and using that information, you can only see "Button no. 1"

If you are browsing from outside USA, you will only be able to see "Button no. 2"

Using the GEO IP of the user who is browsing your website; you can make your Wix website do more things like webpage redirections, block users from seeing the particular page and much more.

If you liked this solution or you want to do something similar, please contact me.

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